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Based in Dubai and Paris, ArterLux. provides local destination knowledge. We will create an exquisite and outstanding experience with no catalog required. Our services work on exclusive and tailor made requirments meeting the needs of each of our clients.

We believe all your aspirations and dreams can be arranged and achieved. Tell us your wishes, we will make it happen.

Our Travel services : Flight booking, Hotel Accommodation, Meet and Greet, Transportation, Restaurants reservation, Exclusive Activities, Bespoke itineraries, Conference Venues, Themed Events and Gala Dinners.

Travel and tourism is the backbone of the global economy. Unique travel experiences require highly personalized service. Whether you are planning a luxury holiday, complex business trip, music tour or business event - our expertise allow and accommodate for any bespoke experience meeting all your requirements.

We make it happen !

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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

First of all, I’d like to welcome you to the brand new ArterLux blog. This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time, and now I believe is the perfect opportunity to begin. So, thank you for joining me.

In our first post, I wanted to talk you through why I started this company in the first place, and our trajectory over the past 13 years, both in France and the UAE, as Relocation and Travel Specialists. I would definitely say that ArterLux is a passion project of mine, and I feel that I have grown tremendously alongside this company throughout the years… and now I want to share my passion with you.

ArterLux started as a concierge and DMC services company in France in 2007, with me and my two Parisian business partners, assisting all types of clientele who were moving in or out of France from anywhere around the globe. We are all dedicated perfectionists, with an extreme eye for detail, and all understand the stresses of relocating to a new country, as we are all expats ourselves!

After 10 years of successful business in France and a promising future, I decided to move myself and my family to Dubai to live a different type of life - a type of life that I’d only dreamed of. We decided to take a leap, spread our wings and embrace a vastly different climate - and not only did this expand our horizons, but significantly increased our global network.

My attraction to a new life in Dubai is similar to many other stories that I’ve heard - safety and security for myself and my children, open to the wider world, full of international culture and the opportunity to be able to concentrate fully on my work due to the ease of everything in this crazy cosmopolitan city. 24 hour delivery, home services and help around every corner. It is the perfect place to focus and grow.

After 3 years of running both the France and Dubai branches of Arterlux, I decided to close the Parisian office and focus fully on clients relocating in and out of the UAE. I feel that my local knowledge and first-hand experience of moving to Dubai allows me to offer a personalised, trustworthy and real insight for all those wanting the unnecessary stress of a move taken off their hands. 

Our roots are still planted deep in the heart of Paris and throughout Europe, but we have now built, developed and achieved a network just as strong within Dubai and the Middle East, which I am very proud of.

So, what do we actually do? In a nutshell, we create an exquisite and outstanding relocation and travel experience. Our services work on your tailor made requirements, whether you’re relocating or simply looking for a vacation or staycation. ArterLux was created to help companies, families & entrepreneurs settle in the United Arab Emirates. We are aware of the major challenges faced and along with the concerns about moving to a brand new country, because we have gone through them all ourselves.

We take care of each and every step related to a global relocation; from finding the best professional movers to handle all of your belongings with care to finding the perfect villa or apartment in a suitable residential area of your new home city. We are able to assist with finding nurseries, schools and at-home help along with insights into local services and local tips and advice. We manage all the essential steps of an international move with our complete set of services, so you don’t have to. Link

We understand that there is a whole life beyond moving boxes. We care for every single expat’s journey as if it were our own. No matter what country you are coming from or moving to, we will get you there in the most convenient way possible.

I can’t wait to share some more stories with you over the coming weeks, but feel free to get in touch with me at  if you have any specific queries. I’d love to hear from you.

ArterLux. Team

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